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Replacement of Street Trees Update
In response to questions to the Board regarding the replacement of the street trees removed in the last couple of months the county replied to our query:
After the trees and stumps are removed, the locations are entered on the tree replacement list.  Depending on funding, the replacements could take a few years to be planted.

Thank You to Fall Picnic Sponsors!
The Board would like to thank our sponsors for the picnic:
our local Harris Teeter at Turf Valley Towne Center,
Ace on Rt. 40 just outside our neighborhood,
and Yogi Castle at 10132 National Pike.


TVO I CA Meeting – March Meeting POSTPONED

Please see the Events page for a list of annual TVO I events.

David Force Park Managed Deer Hunts – Fall/Winter
Managed deer hunts are held in David Force Park from dawn until noon on several weekdays each year between October and January.

David Force Park is accessible from within Turf Valley Overlook I off of Pebble Beach Drive near The Concord Court. The park will be closed on the hunt scheduled days for all other uses from dawn until noon during the managed hunts.
More details on the Howard County web site.

Leaf Removal – Leaves are not picked up from the curb by the county.  More info.

Snow Removal – Please remove snow from sidewalks and bus stops within 48 hours of snow fall or hopefully before school re-opens.  More info.

NEW NEIGHBORS – Please see info for New Neighbors about joining the TVO I email list and learning about our neighborhood!