TVO I e-Outlook DECEMBER 2013

TVO I e-Outlook DECEMBER 2013

A monthly email covering neighborhood news, issues, and activities.

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TVOCA wishes all of our neighbors a Happy Holidays.

Please be safe and courteous during this busy time of year.



The TVOCA Board of Directors met on November 13th to discuss operational and strategic issues for 2014.  It was a great opportunity for the Board to focus on general infrastructure  and  to set the activities for 2014.


TVOCA’s mission is to protect our neighborhood and your investments.   Our first task is to rejuvenate the TVOCA.  The Board of Directors began addressing this by agreeing to the following:


1. TVOCA will commit to a minimum of two meetings per year to be held in March and September with additional meetings as necessary.

2.  A Board of Directors election will be completed by the March 2014 meeting.  James Brown, Boca Raton, has been named chair of the nominating committee. If you are interested in working on the committee, please state your intentions by December 31st.

3.  A meeting  for Block Captains and Volunteers is scheduled for January 14,  2014.  This meeting will focus on defining the future  and the role of  all volunteers.  This  is an open meeting.

4.  TVOCA will form a special committee to review our current By-laws.  The group will report at the March meeting.  We have been asking for volunteers since September. We currently have about three volunteers.  If you are interested, please state your intentions by December 31st.

5.  TVOCA will continue to look for operational efficiencies in terms of landscaping contracts, insurance coverage, and communications i.e. newsletters, websites, social media.
This is not a comprehensive list of all of our discussions; it is just a few items to share immediately with all of our neighbors. Additional information about the meetings and activities will be forthcoming.
TVOCA  need you to help us.   We can assure the HOA’s strength by being good stewards to our community.  Good stewardship means becoming involved. If you have any interest, contact a current Board member.
Santa Claus is coming to town!  Ellicott City Volunteer Fire Department will escort Santa through  our neighborhood on Wednesday, December 18th starting at 6 pm.  The trucks are usually blaring their sirens as Santa makes his way through our community.  The parade route is Pebble Beach  to Boca Raton  to Boones Lane.  We would like to make sure that Santa has enough time to see each group. We are suggesting that your children come to the main streets  and try to congregate in groups.  Our community is large and we would like to minimize the number of stops. After all it is a school night for the kids. Please contact our chair, Cheryl Brown at,   if you  have questions about this event.
A meeting for all block captains and volunteers has been scheduled for January 14th at the Miller Library in the  Avalon room from 7 pm to 8:15 pm.  The purpose of the meeting is to
1.  Listen to  Block Captains to hear how we rejuvenate and define their role.
2.  Consult with event chairs to see how TVOCA can support them more in the upcoming year.
3.  Have a dialogue  to improve the working relationship between TVOCA and its volunteers.
An email  invitation will be sent to all known block captains and event chairs.  If you have served in this capacity in the past, please join us.  We would like to hear  your thoughts on how we can improve.   RSVP to James Brown at

TVOCA would like to remind you that leaf cleanup is still important at this late stage.  If the leaves stay on the street, they can clog the storm drains which will cause us great heartache during any significant snowfall or winter weather.   Make sure that your street is prepared for any winter weather by making sure your leaves are up and storm drains are not blocked.


TVOCA explored a leaf service for the neighborhood. We were trying to find someone to pick up leaves curbside throughout the community. Unfortunately, we could not find a cost feasible solution to our annual problem.   The cost estimates were in the thousands.  One estimate quoted a minimum of $30,000  per visit.  We will continue to ask you to maintain your section of the street.


Thanks to those diligent homeowners that “try” to stay on top of the situation.  We see you and appreciate your efforts.



Please report the street locations where the County trees are dead, hanging too low,  hitting ongoing traffic (especially school buses) or impeding sidewalk access. TVOCA would like to collect as much information as possible. Our goal is to send a list to the County for possible trimmings. Please send the information by January 15, 2014  to Holly Ritter,



Bridge:  The bridge club plays once a month from 7:30 to 10 pm usually on Thursdays.  If you are interested please contact Joan Soule,

Mahjong:  If you are interested in playing mahjong, please contact Susan Fingerman,

Garden Club: Please contact Susan Fingerman,, if you are interested in joining.

If you would like to have your group’s meetings and activities publicized let us know.



2013 Board of Directors

TVO I HOA President,  Pat Brocato-Simons

Vice President, James Brown

Treasurer, Craig Fingerman

Secretary, Kirsten Willging

Member -at -Large, vacant


Please join us online to get the latest community news. Feel free to share your story with us. Get connected to your TVO I HOA.  The links are:
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If you have information that you would like to be considered for an upcoming newsletter, please contact James Brown at by the 15th of the month for distribution around the 1st of the next month.

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