TVO 1 e-OUTLOOK August 2015

TVO I e-Outlook AUGUST 2015

A monthly email covering neighborhood news, issues, and activities


Howard County Public Schools will open Monday, August 24th.


TVO I HOA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 7 pm to 8:30 pm in the Miller Library. Some discussion points will be additional street lighting, speed education campaign, and the bylaws revision. Invited Guest (not confirmed) Howard County Police Department’s Neighborhood Resource Officer. We continue to make progress in the community, please come out and help shape activities for the 2016 CY. The March meeting minutes will be distributed beforehand as well as an agenda. Proxies will be available. We expect to see you there.


TVO I Community Day will be held August 22, 2015 from 3 pm to 6 pm at the Pebble Beach Community Area. Hot dogs, burgers, veggie burgers, chips, water, ice cream, games, and other entertainment will be available. So bring your coolers (juice boxes, sodas), lawn chairs, umbrellas, and a smile. Come join old friends and meet new ones as well.

RSVP to with the number of participants in your group by Wednesday , August 19th.

Looking for volunteers (a pickup truck owner, set up, cooks, and cleanup) to help make this run smoothly, please contact a Board member. Thanks.

Watch for the TVO I Speed Education Campaign. All of us must commit to protecting our kids and pedestrians. Hopefully, you have seen the new speed limit signs at the entrances to the community. Let’s do our part – Please slow down and "Keep Our Kids Alive – Drive 25" or less!


There is still time to get your voting privileges for 2015. Only voting members can vote on upcoming activities at the September meeting. If you haven’t paid the $75 fee, please contact a Board member for assistance.


Money has been appropriated to have some type of "get together" such as block party, play dates, movie night, etc. All requestors can receive up to $250 for their event. No idea is a bad idea. Team up with your neighbor and plan a cookout or something. Reach out to a Board member or contact your block captains!


We are constantly battling signs being placed in the median at the front entrance. Please do not post any signs in the median. They can impede the vision of traffic leaving our neighborhood. Please share this with your realtors, sports team, and other community events. We are not opposed to posting signs on either side of the street but we request that the median remains sign free. Thanks.


Please join us online to get the latest community news. Feel free to share your story with us. Get connected to your TVO I Community Association. The links to our accounts are:

TVO I Website
Yahoo Message Board
Gmail turfvalleyoverlook


TVO I Board of Directors (2014-2016)

President: James Brown (Boca Raton Dr.), jamesbrown_923

Vice President: Chris Johansen (Timber Trails Ct.), topherJ

Treasurer: Kirsten Willging (Pinehurst Ct.), kwillging

Secretary: Karen Aaby (Greenbriar Ct.), karenaaby

Member-at-Large: Jeff McConnell (Doral Ct.) jeffrey.j.mcconnell

If you have information that you would like to be considered for an upcoming newsletter, please contact James Brown at by the 15th of the month for distribution around the 1st of the next month.

James P. Brown, Jr., MA, CAE

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