TVO I e-outlook SEPTEMBER 2015

TVO I e-Outlook SEPTEMBER 2015

A monthly email covering neighborhood news, issues, and activities



TVO I HOA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22, 2015 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm in the Miller Library. Some discussion points will be to purchase a new contact database, street lighting, playground task force, speed education campaign, 2016 TVO elections, and the bylaws revisions. We have confirmed participation from our HCPD Neighborhood Resource Officer.

The March 2015 meeting minutes and the September Agenda will be available this week. Project updates will be sent prior to the meeting so that we can focus on strategy at the meeting. Proxies can be submitted.


If you are having issues with mosquitoes in your backyard and your home is near County land, you can call the MD Dept of Agriculture to treat the standing rain water near your home. Because it is county land, they will come and check the water and treat it, if needed.

The phone number that handles Howard County is 301-422-5080. They come out to our neighborhood about once a month. If you want it additional treatments then you have to call again. Thanks to Kathy Witte on Cypress Bay Court for sharing this information.


All of us must commit to protecting our kids and pedestrians. Recently I have received reports of people driving @ 40 MPH during school bus stop times. SLOW DOWN!!! Hopefully, you have seen the new speed limit signs at the entrances to the community. Let’s do our part – Please slow down and keep our kids alive – drive like your kids live in this neighborhood!


In the August newsletter from Howard County Recycling Division, yard trim will no longer be accepted in plastic bags.To meet this change, residents must place yard trim out for collection in paper bags or reusable containers; sticks and branches may be bundled with twine. Some neighborhoods will begin the transition Sept 1st and those residents will be notified directly. Effective January 1st, 2016, yard trim in plastic bags will not be collected. We appreciate your assistance as we make this transition. For more information, visit or call 410-313-6444.


Money has been appropriated to have some type of neighborhood party/activity. Team up with your neighbor and plan a holiday party, cookout, or something. Reach out to a Board member or contact your block captains! All requestors can receive up to $250 for their event.


Please do not place any signs in the median. They can impede the vision of traffic leaving our neighborhood. Please share this with your realtors, sports team, and other community events. We are not opposed to posting signs on either side of the street but we request that the median remains sign free. Thanks.


Please join us online to get the latest community news. Feel free to share your story with us. Get connected to your TVO I Community Association. The links to our accounts are:

TVO I Website
Yahoo Message Board
Gmail turfvalleyoverlook


TVO I Board of Directors (2014-2016)

President: James Brown (Boca Raton Dr.), jamesbrown_923

Vice President: Chris Johansen (Timber Trails Ct.), topherJ

Treasurer: Kirsten Willging (Pinehurst Ct.), kwillging

Secretary: Karen Aaby (Greenbriar Ct.), karenaaby

Member-at-Large: Jeff McConnell (Doral Ct.) jeffrey.j.mcconnell

If you have information that you would like to be considered for an upcoming newsletter, please contact James Brown at by the 15th of the month for distribution around the 1st of the next month.

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