TVO I e Outlook January 2017

TVO I e-Outlook JANUARY 2017

A quarterly email covering neighborhood news, issues, and activities


TVO I is currently setting the date for our March 2017 meeting. The agenda is still being determined. Some discussion points are ways to rejuvenate our block captain system, how to partition the neighborhood for an effective block captain system, how to pursue additional neighborhood lighting, and more. The unapproved minutes from the September 2016 meeting will be distributed along with an agenda. Watch for the date announcement.


2017 voting membership invoices will be sent out soon – most likely prior to the March meeting. As a resident of TVO I, your homeownership make you an automatic member of the community HOA. Your annual dues activates that membership by granting you voting privileges on any neighborhood issues for the year. Remember one vote per house.


Our neighborhood continues to grow. We average 10 new neighbors each year. We ask each of you to help us connect with our new neighbors. Make sure you send them to our website and suggest they join the email communication group. We need your help in keeping current with our new neighbors. Thanks.


Thank you to the majority of you that honor this and pick up your dog waste. We appreciate it!

There are always a few complaints about unbagged dog waste and bags being left behind. This is a violation of Howard County Code. Here is a excerpt of the county ordinance.

HOWARD COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL LAWS SECTION 17.300 summarizes the selected requirements of the county’s Animal Control Laws with which all animal owners should be familiar. Included in the law is this requirement:

  • Owners are responsible for removing pet defecation when off their own property.

Violators of the Animal Control Laws may be subject to civil monetary penalties ranging between $25-$500, criminal penalties, including incarceration, pet impoundment, and/or mandatory appearances before the Animal Matters Hearing Board.

A citizen who has personally observed a violation may wish to file an affidavit. The affidavit accompanies the issued citation. An affidavit may not be filed anonymously. The complainant must be identified by name, address and telephone number on the affidavit.

The TVOCA prefer that you attempt to work with your neighbor. It helps to keep the tension down. In short, be courteous to your neighbors. Pick up after your dogs and take your bags with you!!


Please join us online to get the latest community news. Feel free to share your story with us. Get connected to your TVO I Community Association. The links to our accounts are:

TVO I Website

Turf Valley Overlook I
Turf Valley Overlook I Community Association

Yahoo Message Board
Gmail turfvalleyoverlook


Garden Club: We have a few projects in the works involving flower exchanges and a common area beautification. Please contact Angela Nichols, if you are interested in joining.

Volleyball Club: Play occurs every Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting, from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Pebble Beach Community Area. Contact Kevin Powell.

There are several unofficial clubs throughout the neighborhood. Ask around, get connected and find out if any are for you.

If you would like to have your group’s meetings and activities publicized let us know.


2016-2018 TVO I Board of Directors

President: James Brown (Boca Raton Dr.)

Vice President: Chris Johansen (Timber Trails Ct.)

Treasurer: Jonathan Crawford (Dunes Drive)

Secretary: Jessica Wuenschell (Quail Creek Court)

Member-at-Large: Merri McNamara (Eagles Mere Court)

Member-at-Large: Ron Bonig ( The Concord Court)

Member-at-Large: Michelle Hoy (Eagles Mere Court)

Member-at-Large: Alexandra Cratin (Pebble Beach)

If you have information that you would like to be considered for an upcoming newsletter, please contact James Brown by the 15th of the month for distribution around the 1st of the next month.

James P. Brown, Jr., MA

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