TVO I e-Outlook AUGUST 2017

A quarterly email covering neighborhood news, issues, and activities

IT’S SUMMER!!!!! It has been a while since our last newsletter, I hope that you all have enjoyed the spring and summer. Things are very busy for Howard County and likewise there are a lot of things going on in TVO I. Please check out everything below to get caught up. Follow us on FaceBook for updates –


Our fall meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 14, 2017 at the Miller Library @ 7 pm. Howard County Department of Traffic Engineering has been invited to talk about our street light replacement project. Come to the meeting to learn more about the project slated to start this fall. Please mark your calendars.


You can still gain voting privileges for 2017 by paying your $75 fee for voting rights. Please reach out to me or any board member and we send you a new invoice.


Thank you to those 30 individuals willing to serve the community. We have a very enthusiastic group signed up to be ambassadors for their streets and the community. Be on the lookout for your street’s role in the light replacement project. Thanks to everyone that volunteered and those that stayed on board.


The TVO I Community Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, August 26th from 3 pm to 7 pm. It will be at our Pebble Beach Recreational space near The Concord Court. We have a moon bounce, volleyball, and a great opportunity to celebrate school reopening and connecting with your neighbors. It is important for us to get a head count – please respond to Alexandra Cratin @ or to RAIN DATE is August 27th.


The County will conduct a speed study in September in response to our request for help. Please be on the lookout for the boxes on Pebble Beach and Boca Raton. The boxes count speed and volume of cars. The County guidelines requires that the average speed exceeds 10 MPH and a volume of 1200 cars per day before they take action on the issue. In the past our volume has been too low, so speed can be our ticket!


According to our bylaws, we should name a nominating committee to assemble/ nominate a slate of officers to be voted on in March 2018. If you are interested in serving on the 3 to 5 person committee, please let me know @

SCHOOL REDISTRICTING/ Adequate Public Funding Ordinance (APFO)

This issue impacts our neighborhood and home values!!! This is a real complicated issue which started with schools. Most people think it is only about school overcrowding, that is the biggest misconception about this campaign. The issue quickly morphed into an evaluation of APFO which determines funding for public infrastructure. APFO impacts roads, libraries, schools, parks, etc. For example: Everyone has noticed the increase in weekend traffic on HWY 40. 🙂 For brevity, please visit the following links to learn more about this issue.

APFO County page

Mobilize HOCO Schools



Please join us online to get the latest community news. Feel free to share your story with us. Get connected to your TVO I Community Association. The links to our accounts are:

TVO I Website
Yahoo Message Board
Gmail turfvalleyoverlook


Garden Club: We have a few projects in the works involving flower exchanges and a common area beautification. Please contact Angela Nichols at warnic6, if you are interested in joining.

Volleyball Club: Play occurs every Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting, from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Pebble Beach Community Area. Contact Kevin Powell

There are several unofficial clubs throughout the neighborhood. Ask around, get connected and find out if any are for you.

If you would like to have your group’s meetings and activities publicized let us know.


2016-2018 TVO I Board of Directors

President: James Brown

Vice President: Chris Johansen

Treasurer: Jonathan Crawford

Secretary: Jessica Wuenschell

Member-at-Large: Merri McNamara

Member-at-Large: Ron Bonig

Member-at-Large: Michelle Hoy

Member-at-Large: Alexandra Cratin

If you have information that you would like to be considered for an upcoming newsletter, please contact James Brown at

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