TVOI uses several methods of communication to keep in touch with TVOI neighbors.

TVOI Facebook Page

TVOI Twitter

TVOI CA Board Email –

Contact the TVOI webmaster via the Feedback form.

TVOI Email List at Yahoo! Groups

The TVOI email list is managed through Yahoo! Groups.  Members of the TVOI email list receive monthly HOA newsletters and emails from other TVOI neighbors.

TVOI residents are all encouraged to join the TVOI Email List at Yahoo! Groups.

How to Join

New neighbors are invited to join the TVOI email list by entering their contact information on the New Neighbors page.

Email Address Updates
Please keep your email address updated!  You can update your contact info on the email list via the Yahoo! Groups site or request an update using the Updates form linked below.

Update Info Through the Yahoo! Groups Site
Go to
Sign in to Yahoo! Groups.
Click “Membership” near the top of the screen, then Edit Membership on the pull-down menu.
Click the pencil icon next to Identity to edit your email address.
(Yahoo! Groups periodically changes their menu options.  If the instructions above don’t work, try their Help Pages.)

Request an Info Update Through the Updates Form
If you have difficulty updating your email using the instructions above, you can submit your updated information through the Email Updates form.

Contact the Email List Moderator
Email list questions may be sent via the Feedback form.

Neighbors who move out of TVOI may unsubscribe from the list by sending email to

Email List Posting Instructions

TVOI email list/Yahoo! Group members may post messages to the email list by sending to  Messages will be sent out to the email list after they are reviewed and approved by a list moderator. Please allow 24-48 HOURS  for a moderator to review your message.

Please read the following before posting to the email list:
– Messages must be sent from an email address that is already on the TVOI email list/Yahoo Group.  Only members of the list are allowed to post.  So you must send the message from an email address that already receives the group emails.
Send the message exactly as you want it to appear when sent to the email list.  The moderator does not edit or forward messages to the list, but only approves them.
– Include a brief, relevant subject.  This should include a date if it refers to an event, such as “Halloween Parade 10/26,” or a specified due date for response if one is appropriate.
– Include a contact name and phone and/or email address for follow-up.
– Include a brief description of the subject/issue, preferably directly in the message body as attachments can be cumbersome and often overlooked/not read.
[TVOI] is automatically added to each subject line and doesn’t need to be included.
– If forwarding a message, such as a community safety issue, please remove lists of email addresses other than relevant contact persons in order to shorten the message and avoid distributing others’ email addresses.
– Please allow 48 HOURS for messages to be approved by a moderator prior to posting.  We try to approve posts earlier when possible, but we need time to see the email.
– Please only send your message once to the list.  It will not post immediately (see above), but will post to the list after it has been approved by a moderator.
– Usually the sender will not receive a copy of the posting in their email.  If you want to verify that it went to the list, please ask a friend to confirm that they received it or check the Yahoo! Group message archive (accessing the turfvalleyoverlook Yahoo! Group requires a Yahoo! sign-in).

Email List Posting Guidelines

In the interest of facilitating your requests to disseminate messages to the TVO community, the TVO I email list at Yahoo! Groups allows all those currently members of the list to post messages directly to the list.  What this means is that you will send the email you wish to share to  It will then be reviewed by a list moderator before being posted to the group.

Replying to TVOI messages
When replying to a posted message, Reply All should only be used on rare occasions.  In most cases replies should only be directed to the sender who posted the message in order to keep the TVOI message frequency to a low volume.

Remember that your messages are disseminated to the TVO email list in its entirety (approximately 400 names).  Appropriateness of content, as well as frequency of postings should be considered based on the extensive and varied audience.

Examples of such communications might be:

– TVO HOA-sponsored events/news – post as needed.

– Personal messages – yard sales, various items for sale or needed, lost pets, suspicious activity – post as needed.

– Neighborhood/community events – local schools/churches, county activity – limit postings for each event to one per month.

– Commercial Advertisements – businesses/services offered, requests for services, i.e., babysitting, lawn care, tax preparation, legal/financial services – limit these, but as needed. Commercial ads will be approved at the discretion of the moderators and evaluated based on benefit to the community in order to limit the frequency of postings to the list to about 1 every 3 months.

Please consider posting ads and contractor recommendations to the Bulletin Board page.