New Neighbors

Welcome to Turf Valley Overlook I!

We encourage all new residents to join the TVO I email list and learn about the neighborhood with these resources:

  • Join the TVO I email list using the instructions below.
  • Review the TVO I  Bylaws and Covenants.
  • View the latest TVOI newsletter for the current neighborhood news.
  • View the FAQ page for neighborhood information and local resources.

Joining the TVO I Email List

TVO I neighbors may request to be added to the TVO I email list by following the steps below.

Both steps 1 and 2 below are required to be added to the TVO I email list.  Subscriptions to the email list will only be approved after we receive your contact info through the form below AND a request to join the list through the Yahoo! Groups subscribe email address.

Step 1. Send a Subscribe Email

Send an email to to join the TVO I email list at Yahoo! Groups.  There have been some problems with the email list moderator not receiving these request emails from Yahoo, so please CC on the subscribe email.

Step 2. Send Contact Info in the Form

Use the form below to send your contact information to the HOA Board.

YOUR REQUEST IS NOT COMPLETE until you FOLLOW STEPS 1 AND 2 above to submit your request to join the TVO I email list at Yahoo! Groups.

Thank you and Welcome!