New Neighbors

Welcome to Turf Valley Overlook I!

We encourage all new residents to join the TVO I email list.  Then please use the following resources to learn about the neighborhood!

  • Join the Email List Please join the TVO I email list to receive HOA news and share your contact information with the HOA at our Communications page.
    This page also has information about our Twitter and Facebook page.
  • Neighbor-To-Neighbor Communications – Learn about neighbor-to-neighbor communications through the TVO group at at our Communications page.
  • Bylaws and Covenants, and HOA Info can be viewed at our About page.
  • TVO I FAQs – View the FAQ page for neighborhood information and local resources

Contact the Board with any additional questions at

Best wishes in your new home and we look forward to meeting you!

New Neighbor Welcome Letter
Welcome your new neighbors with a copy of the Welcome Letter which includes the information above on this page.  You may also want to include
  • your name and contact info,
  • your house address,
  • a personal note welcoming your new neighbor, and
  • the name of the block captain for your street.