Important Community Reminders

All community members must abide by the neighborhood covenants and the basic principles of respect, courtesy, civility and always strive to “Be a good neighbor!” Below you’ll see some important information and reminders to help keep our community safe and beautiful.

Leaf Removal – Fall  
Howard County does not clean up the leaves in our neighborhood. It is each neighbor’s responsibility. Leaves cannot be raked to the street for collection by the county.  Leaves and yard waste must be in paper bags (no plastic bags) for collection.  Leaf and yard waste is picked up on Thursdays. If you contract a landscaping company, please make sure they know not to put leaves in the street. More information:

David Force Park Deer Hunts – Fall/Winter
The county manages controlled deer hunts in David Force Park from dawn until noon on several weekdays each year between October and January.

David Force Park is accessible from within Turf Valley Overlook I off of Pebble Beach Drive near The Concord Court. The park will be closed on the hunt scheduled days for all other uses from dawn until noon during the managed hunts.  Signs will be posted near the park entrance in advance of scheduled hunts.

More details on the Howard County website. *Note: There are no scheduled deer hunts for the 2022-23 winter season*

Snow Removal – Winter
Please remove snow from sidewalks and bus stops within 48 hours of snow fall or before school re-opens. More information: (Clearing Sidewalks link)

Please help any neighbors who may need assistance with clearing their sidewalks.

In the past, the TVO I Community Association has been unsuccessful in getting the County to put up additional stop signs along Pebble Beach and Boca Raton Dr., and car volume does not qualify us for calming strips. In Howard County, the lowest posted speed limit in residential areas is 25 MPH. For the safety of our neighbors and children, please maintain a safe speed.

If you witness a Traffic Violation such as speeding or a car passing a school bus stop sign, call 410-313-2200. Some buses are equipped with cameras.

Trees lining the street
Tree trimming and maintenance
Trees are trimmed every 10 to 12 years. TVO 1 trees were last trimmed in June 2020. As issues come up, the TVO I board works with the county to maintain street trees, especially when tree branches obstruct street lights.

Homeowners should use SeeClickFix on the county’s website to request service for DEAD trees, as they eventually present a danger.

Tree Replacement
Once the county removes trees and their stumps, these locations are entered on the tree replacement list.  Depending on funding, tree replacements can take a few years to be planted.

More information:

Avoid Loud Noises Before 8 AM and After 8 PM
Avoid creating loud consistent noises before 8 AM and after 8 PM. If you hire landscapers or contractors, please tell them to avoid the use of loud tools for that 12-hour period. If you do yard work or home repair yourself, please limit the use of loud tools during the same period.

Posting Signs at Rt. 40 and Pebble Beach
Signs may not be posted in the TVO median area on Pebble Beach Drive at Rt. 40.  Signs may only be posted on the corners of Pebble Beach Drive by that intersection, near the TVO monuments.

Dog Responsibilities
When you walk your dog and the dog leaves a deposit on your neighbor’s lawn – it is your (the person walking the dog) responsibility to pick up the deposit and take it with you to a trash receptacle. Please do not leave it behind – the deposit or the bag. There is a $25-$500 fine if you are reported to the County. More information:
(Click Animal Control Laws under Quick Links)

Trash, Recycling & Leaf/Yard Waste Removal Schedule
● Trash – Tuesday
● Recycling – Thursday
The county follows a revised schedule when holidays fall on trash and recycling days
● Leaf/Yard Waste – Thursday (must be in paper bags). You may also put out branches but they can’t be big limbs and they must be tied up. Note that around the winter holidays, you can take advantage of Curbside Tree Recycling through the 3rd Friday in January. County residents with curbside yard trim collection can place their tree out for pickup on their yard trim collection day.

Architectural Review Procedure
The TVO I Community Association (CA) requires that all exterior home improvements and architectural changes to property be reviewed by the TVO I Architectural Committee. Currently the TVO I CA Board serves this role.

Please submit proposals for review to the TVO I Architectural Committee at and include the following:

  • Plans and images of proposed improvements
  • Home owner name(s)
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email address

Please allow 7 days for the committee to review the proposal and respond. All approvals are contingent upon proper permitting and adherence to county regulations.

As a courtesy, the TVO I Board recommends sharing your plans with your neighbors prior to submitting your application.