TVO I & County Resources

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to have exterior home improvements approved by the HOA?
Yes.  Please see the Architectural Review Procedure.

Where are the TVOI common/open areas located?

Following are the common (open) areas in Turf Valley Overlook Sections I and II which the neighborhood has the responsibility to maintain:

  • Front Entrance (Pebble Beach/Rt 40)
  • Walking paths connecting Boca Raton, Pebble Beach & Pinhurst Ct.
  • Area between Pebble Beach & Pinehurst Court
  • All sidewalk areas bordering David Force Park.
  • Open field between Pinehurst Ct. & Congressional Court.
  • Open field on Boones Lane.

Helpful Resources:

Howard County Recycling

Howard County Yard Trim Recycling
Bagged grass, leaves and light brush pick-up on recycling collection days

Howard County Police

Call 911 to report any emergency or for any situation in which immediate police attention might be beneficial, such as car break-in just attempted.

File an online police report for a non-emergency incident
or call 410-313-2250.

Please report any incident including items stolen from cars or your yard, and any vandalism, even if it’s minor or you don’t think anything could be done about it.  It’s important for the police to have a record of all incidents so that they can identify patterns. This could also result in more police presence in our neighborhood at night which would discourage additional incidents.

Maryland Sex Offender Registry Search

Street Lights Out, Sidewalk & Curb Repair, Pot Hole Repair and Street Sweeping

Report Community Issues
SeeClickFix at

Peddler and Solicitor Regulation in Howard County

Home Improvement Contractor License Search
Look-up a contractor license number (MHIC#) at Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

Howard County Playgrounds

David Force Park

Deer Management in David Force Park and Howard County
Deer hunts are scheduled for David Force Park each year for several dates October through January.  Signs are posted before the dates of the hunts by the county and the hunts are held dawn to noon.  David Force Park is accessible from within Turf Valley Overlook I off of Pebble Beach Drive near The Concord Court.

Howard County Street Sweepers

TVOI has requested to be notified by the county when street sweepers are due in TVO.  This information will be forwarded to the email list when it is received so that residents will know to move cars off the street on those days.

Street sweepers avoid areas with leaves.  See link above regarding Leaf Removal.

“Curbs are swept four times each year…Cycles generally begin in the months of January, April, July and September. ”

Miss Utility

Request to have utilities marked on your property before digging –

History of St. Mary’s Cemetery in TVOI

The historic St. Mary’s Cemetery is located in Turf Valley Overlook between Ponte Vedra Ct., Pebble Beach Drive and The Concord Ct.  Cemetery Lane runs towards the cemetery from Old Frederick Rd/Rt. 144 across Rt. 40, into Turf Valley Overlook, though the visible portion of the road ends before Dunes Dr.

Other historic sites include the Carroll’s Doughoregan Manor, which is located down Manor Lane off Old Frederick Rd across from Terra Maria neighborhood, and the St. Charles College ruins, which are in Terra Maria off Old Frederick Rd.

More info about St. Mary’s Cemetery.

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